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TH Plus been laboratory tested & proven to increase Th17 cells by up to 500% support and balance a person’s immunity by stimulating Th1, Th9 abd Th17 levels which enhance the activity of killer t-cells resulting in optimal health by balanced immunity.

“Th Plus balances the body’s immunity to prevent infections and increase stamina. It also improves skin complexion and sleep quality.” Dr. Pichaet

  • Activates the various groups of white blood cells causing a balance of the immune system with Th1 dominating Th2
  • Balances the body’s immunity to prevent infections and increase stamina. It also improves skin complexion and sleepy quality

60 Capsules Per Box

  • Centella Asiatica Juice Powder 156mg
  • Guava Fruit Juice Powder 100mg
  • Isolated Soy Protein 100 mg
  • Black Sesame Extract 80 mg
  • Mangosteen extract powder 70mg


  • Take 2 capsules, 2-3 times a day, 30 minutes to 1 hour before meal.


Th Plus capsule is an Operation BIM product, which is the result of years of research, development, and testing at the Mangosteen Research and Development Center and the Biomedical Technology Research Center at the Chiang Mai University Faculty of Medical Technology.  ThPlus capsules contain Centella asiatica juice powder, black sesame extract, isolated soy protein, guava fruit juice powder, and mangosteen aril juice powder.

thplus graph2
Volunteers who took 4 Th Plus capsules per day for 15 days showed an increase in their Th1, Th9 and Th17 cells which enhance the activity of natural killer cells and cytotoxic T cells in eliminating cancer cells.
*A clinical studies on the effects of Th Plus capsules done at the Biomedical Technology Research Centre


  • JoinGina says:

    THPLUS has made the most incredible impact on my health than I would have ever expected. For so many years I suffered from mood swings, allergies, yeast and bacteria infections. I now have a peace of mind what is going on in my body, I’m healing!! Thank you THpus and HEAL.

  • dekeki3 says:

    Since taking the THP plus I can sleep better , breath better and think better, I love it .

  • Janeaspikes says:

    ThPlus is amazing. It has helped both me and my rescue dog. I have suffered with reactions to dust, dander and pollen all of my life. My rescue pup got sick in the shelter kennel. We are both breathing free and happy today. It’s worth it!

  • Julie Gimbel says:

    I can’t say enough about this product!
    It has been life changing for myself and so many others!!!
    Balancing my immune system with th plus has done amazing things for my body! I’ll forever be grateful that we found this product????????????

  • Paul Belt says:

    My wife and I suffer from allergies year-round.
    We have experienced a complete clearing of our allergies and no longer have to take meds!
    A great trade-off: No more inhalers, drugs, nasal sprays just a an improved Immune System!

  • Deb Steiner says:

    All I can say is this is my first spring/summer season in my over 60 plus years that I haven’t barely a sneeze. I have always had extremely bad allergies and the last few years take daily doses of otc aids. I can probably count on my hands how many times I needed to use either. From a chronic sneezer, runny itchy eye, headache, plugged up human this is such an incredible experience. Love me some TH Plus

  • joybean says:

    I love THplus it has been a wonderful product, I have noticed a difference in how I feel, more energy, slept the best ever. It so good to not take prescription medicine for reflux. I love the energy, morals and values this company has as well. Thank you Heal it has helped so much ????????????????❤️

  • Paul Belt says:

    Th+ is the real deal for harnessing the God-given healing powers of these 5 plants at the cellular level. Been using it since March ‘18 and are seeing what life is like to be allergy-Free and without illness ! WoW

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