Skin Care Plant-Based


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Asian Life Serum & Cream Formulated to nourish and revitalize skin.

A key ingredient in ASL Serum & Cream that revitalizes the skin.

– GM-1 Mangosteen Extract Helps Antioxidant Protect the skin cell degeneration. The skin is smooth.

Asiaticoside in Centella Asiatica extract helps to form collagen type 1, which is a key component. The skin tightening, tightening, suppressing the destruction of the skin.

Madecassoside in Centella Asiatica extract helps to form a type 3 collagen that is fine. Leaves skin smooth, soft and youthful.

– Glycyrrhiza glabra extract inhibits the activity of tyrosinase enzyme to create melanin pigment. It helps to reduce freckles and dark spots.

Special ingredients available in ASL Cream include Beta glucan, Nicotinamide, which improves collagen synthesis, wrinkles, and Jojoba oil with high vitamin E. The oil structure is similar to our skin. It is a moisturizing, not dry skin.


Normal baby skin – teen
3 types of collagen are fine fibers. Leaves skin smooth, soft and youthful.

Adolescent – 40 years
Collagen type 1 makes the skin stronger.
The collagen type 3 has been reduced and the collagen begins to decompose.

40 years old up
The collagen formation is very reduced. There are more collagen degradation and more destruction of the skin structure network.

Interview with Asian Life Revitalizing Serum & Cream User Experience

Mrs. Jira Sukpromjit

Just came to discover the best. For the skin itself. It’s no wonder that “Mangosteen” gives us a lot of this. Use Asian Life Serum & Cream at night and morning as a skin care procedure. Apply and massage yourself. I feel that the skin is moist. Skin tightening. The signs of acne inflamed gums gradually fade from the formula to bounce performance 2 times until the latest formula. 5-fold performance

This is the only way to lose weight. Want to make friends I used to get up to 5 times Confirm in.

Khun Chad Sudasirichit

Asian Life Serum & Cream is a cream that is light, non-greasy skin, it is a skin that uses Serum rather than Cream, then apply cream on the neck. Fair enough, I recommend you use. You were impressed. Reduce wrinkles and tighten skin. I do not use any products for a long time, but for Asian Life Serum & Cream used it.

Khun Yaowalinee Srivarom

Get started now! I have a lot of wrinkles on the forehead. Under the eyes, there are a lot of wrinkles. Try using Asian Life Serum & Cream. Now go to meet people, they will relatives, friends will say that the face is clear up and fade away. The eye drops are lifted. At the Songkran festival, my friend is the same version of the same. I will not say that young children are not. But my sister. Now, I do not call her aunt. I will call you.

The result is that Asian Life Serum & Cream is sold to more customers because we use it. Other people see it buy us. We are confident to recommend to customers. Now happy with the product and will use it forever.

Mr. Nongnuch Udomsak

Use the product from the beginning. Before having problems with both acne and wrinkles. Acne and obesity. Original treatment with dermatologist. I have this product to try it out. Normal skin sensitive It was tested with our skin that is not allergic to it. Fair enough, the lines are visible under the shallow eye. Tightening pores I have a good look. We started to recommend relatives to buy used when we introduce customers. We will say that we use it. Customers are assured that the texture of the Serum and Cream quickly absorbed the advantages. Always tell the customer that the cream will penetrate deep into the deepest skin. Restore from the inside better than thick cream. The surface coating. Do not get under the skin. For this product, skin care is very good.