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Each batch is gently pasteurized then 3rd Party Independently Tested for Purity

Liquid Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ is a dietary supplement preferred by many cancer patients, cancer survivors as well as healthy children and adults. 

Liquid Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ is recommended and sold by more physicians and healthcare practitioners than all other brands of liquid zeolite & zeolite powder combined. Don’t waste your money on inferior copy-cat formulas, even ones that claims to be more potent yet lack all it’s essential ingredients!

Benefits of Liquid Zeolite :

·         Heavy Metals Detox (Safely Removes Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, and more …)

·         Detoxes Environmental Toxins

·         Helps Relieve Unpleasant Symptoms 

·         Natural Immune System Modulator 


Heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides all leave the system; they do not get deposited elsewhere in the body.  Forty percent of zeolite binds heavy metals in the gastrointestinal tract and 60 percent binds toxins in the bloodstream and at the cellular level.  It seems zeolite powder is only 40% efficient, while the liquid zeolite plus can work throughout the whole body…even at the cellular level.

The humic mineral solution delivers the zeolite directly to the intracellular fluid. There, the humic minerals further act to chelate the heavy metals out of the cells so that they can be absorbed by the zeolite and carried out of your body. And finally, humic acid contains all of the minerals, trace minerals, and amino acids that your cells require for optimum functioning. So the most important thing for you to know if you wish to detoxify with zeolite is that you must choose a humic zeolite type of product.  Whether you go with our Liquid Zeolite Plus or some other humic zeolite, the chelating factor and carrier agency of the humic acid is crucial to success with zeolite supplementation.

Benefits FAR BETTER Than JUST Detoxifying…


  • ·              Helps improve the general state of health
  • ·              Detoxifies the body by removing heavy metals and toxins
  • ·              Helps re-mineralize the body
  • ·              Acts as a free-radical reducer
  • ·              Prevents pre-mature aging
  • ·              Supports immune system function
  • ·              Reduce cancer risk by removing heavy metals & toxins
  • ·              Reduces symptoms of allergies
  • ·              May improve mood
  • ·              Helps balance pH
  • ·              Boosts energy levels
  • ·              Increases vitamin and mineral absorption
  • ·              Lower the risk of acid reflux
  • ·              Safe for long-term use
  • ·             100% natural –  no additives or chemical reagents
  • ·              Easy to take – no taste or smell – just add to water & drink


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