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Let me introduce the “it’s time to Heal” bamboo FaceMask These are going to be affordable, comfortable, beautiful, purposeful, meaningful and original!

Wear a message worth sharing with the world while covering up.

I know everyone’s health is a huge concern right now and we have 2 major issues in our way:

First off the huge lack of supplies for ordering a simple mask 😷 and the second is most mask are ugly and very uncomfortable.

If the mask is so uncomfortable people won’t wear them to begin with. This is why a comfortable and beautiful mask is nice to have

We decided to partner up with the Unstoppable Family in Bali to make some epic bamboo “it’s time to HEAL!” Mask.

Trust me I know how complicated this virus 🦠 has become for everyone. The overwhelming confusion of misinformation and growing economic challenges.

We are going to do anything possible to help our community be on the top of their health. It’s a huge importance that we all stay focused on being financially fit and emotionally strong.

Wearing a Heal Shirt and “It’s time to Heal” facemask will help keep your mind focused on the good news and the bright future we are destined for.

In the midst of this we are also helping the employees from Bali who have been heavily effected by this Pandemic and many of them are out of work and out of money fast.

We will have these available for shipping in 1 week and open up pre-orders later this week.

We did order a small batch to start and want to do our best to get our brave and powerful community access to these ASAP!

They are mailing our first batch later this week and we are making the website for you to have easy access to order and share.

We will be making donations on all proceeds of Mask to Heal Schools Non-Profit.

Disclaimer: These mask don’t prevent COVID-19 viruses 🦠 and non-of our products are intended to cure, treat or prevent COVID-19. These bamboo mask are affordable, comfortable, beautiful, purposeful, meaningful and original.

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