Mangosteen “The Queen of Fruits”

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Last year (August 2012), the research was launched. “Natural substances. Cancer of the mangosteen “by Prof. Dr. Pichet Viriyichit revealed. This research is to benefit the benefits of GM-1 extracts. Expensive to kill antibiotic resistant bacteria. Reduce inflammation to 3 times that of aspirin. And can effectively eliminate cancer cells in vitro. It is extracted from natural mangosteen peels, blended with Sesame, Sesame, Centella asiatica and is a good supplement that helps to balance the immune system. It enhances the production of TH1 cell leukemia that helps in the removal of cancer cells, fungi, viruses and bacteria, and lymphocytes, type THH 17, which helps prevent cancer cells. No side effects.

Dr. Sumitra Thongprasert, Lecturer, Department of Internal Medicine Faculty of Medicine Chiang Mai University Discusses the research by testing patients with end stage lung cancer. Twenty patients who did not respond to chemotherapy during the 6 months period after the natural diet supplemented with mangosteen juice were 80% more likely to notice a change in their quality of life. Many people eat Pain relief Some patients can return to normal work. All of them are immune to the disease, even if they do not recover from cancer. It is an alternative for cancer patients. To improve the quality of life during the remaining time. And cost less than the use of drugs that need to import from abroad.

Amazing Mangosteen Benefits

1. Fights cancer

Mangosteen extracts help to form white blood cells of type 1H and THH 17 to help eliminate and prevent the formation of almost all types of cancer cells.
It inhibits the growth of various cancer cells such as leukemia, cancer, liver, breast cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer.
Help prevent and prevent some infections, bacteria, fungi, microorganisms and viruses such as HIV tuberculosis, etc.
Helps reduce inflammation and anti-bacterial action causes pus (shell)

2. Combats Inflammation and Allergies

Helps to prevent fever. (Low fever)
Helps to treat thyroid toxicity.
Help prevent allergic disease.
Helps to relieve symptoms of asthma.
Helps heal and heal wounds or mouth broken faster.
Fiber from mangosteen helps digestion. Prevent constipation
Nourish and revitalize the stomach. By inhibiting the growth of bacteria that causes diarrhea, colic, gas in the stomach and absorption of food deficiency.
Help solve diarrhea. By using boiled dried mangosteen peels or water. Bring rain and clear water.
Helps to cure chronic diarrhea. Fluke By using fresh or dried peels, rain and drinking water. Or use a dry shell to boil drinking water, the same effect.
Keeps the urinary tract in normal condition.
Helps to heal knee inflammation.
Mangosteen peels contain tannins with a healing effect. The wound healed quickly.
Inhibits the occurrence and treatment of various skin diseases such as ringworm, ringworm, various rashes. Or use boiled water to peel the area.
Treatment of water bites, foot ulcers with the use of dry rain, rain and water.

3.Lowers Blood Sugar Boosts Heart Health

Helps in the expansion of blood vessels. Reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.
Reduce the risk of heart disease and heart disease.
Helps reduce blood pressure.
Reduce cholesterol levels in the body and reduce bad fat in the arteries.
Helps prevent tumors in the body.
Gardening helps prevent diabetes. With the ability to reduce and control sugar levels.
Helps to prevent kidney stones.
Helps to prevent liver failure. Kidney failure.

4.Boosts Energy

Helps strengthen bones and teeth.
Increases energy for the body. Increase your energy.
Helps to prevent depression, reduce stress.
Help prevent dementia Alzheimer Parkinson’s disease nervous system.
Regular consumption of mangosteen will help promote mental health. Good mood

5.Beauty care

Mangosteen Acne Treatment Mangosteen has the ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause acne. It also acts against acne inflammation as well.
Helps to nourish and heal the eyes.
Helps maintain healthy mouth and gum.

Magical of Mangosteen ,when I’m growing up

And Research

Mangosteen is a popular fruit from Asia. Mangosteen has been dubbed as “Queen of fruits” may be due to the appearance of the effect of the sepal. At the root of the Queen’s crown, the flesh is white. Sweet taste. [6] [7] Mangosteen has been used to cook a variety of dishes such as spicy salami and sweet dishes like mangosteen, mangosteen, mangosteen, mangosteen, mangosteen, mangosteen. In Nakhon Si Thammarat, there is a mangosteen. [1] While most are popular, mangosteen is ripe for fruit. Which is useful in helping to combat free radicals. Strengthens the immune system. Helps to slow down aging and wrinkles. [8] Mangosteen has high nutritional value, especially potassium, protein, fiber, vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. The analysis revealed that 100 milligrams of mangosteen juice contained 87.14 mg of potassium, 34.53 milligrams of calcium, and 111.22 milligrams of magnesium.

The mangosteen peel has astringent properties, such as tannins, zanthones (especially mangosteen), tannins, The wound healed quickly. Mangosteen helps to reduce inflammation and antibacterial effect that causes pus. In herbal medicine. Dried dried mangosteen peel with water or fire. Rain with clear lime, diarrhea, dry skin, rain and clear water. For treatment of foot bites, eczema, mangosteen peels contain antifungal agents, suitable for fermentation. Oranges in Orissa Malaysia uses dried peels to treat open wounds. [9]

Mangosteen is very useful for many industries. Mangosteen is used as a raw material for Xanthones. Each of the different drug classes. It also benefits the plastic industry. Mangosteen also has a role in the use of food additives. Because of the inhibition of Staphylococcus Aureus, which is a food poisoning.

As a result of the continuous operation of the research bim from the Research and Development Center of Thai Mangosteen, the most valuable Xanthones are GM-1 (GM Day). GM-1 is safe. It is 5 times more safe than citrus in nature and has the following qualities:

Analgesia And reduce allergic reactions.
Antioxidants Prevent heart disease caused by LDL Cholesterol Oxidation
Kill the tummy cells in the breast. Lung in the blood in the liver in the liver in the kidneys in the kidney. And lung in the lung. (In vitro test)
Suppress the growth of tuberculosis (in vitro)
Suppresses the growth of HIV (in vitro)
Improves the ability of white blood cells to remove foreign matter. And phagocytic activity
Suppress the decay of cartilage And build bone mass.
Develop a balanced diet of immunity.

The development of GM-1 as a medicine takes ten years. And the budget is billions in compliance with the rules of the World Health Organization. Therefore, the Research BIM team from the Mangosteen Research and Development Center of Thailand has initiated a new approach. By using antibody to balance the immune system. This can bring GM-1 value. Used as an ingredient in supplements. The composition of GM-1 and found that the recipes derived from mangosteen is more effective multiples. When supplemented with extracts of cereals and fruits such as soybean, sesame, guava and cucumber from the research. Find this recipe. Highly effective in adjusting the immune balance. I have named this recipe.

BIM is a registered trademark of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The panel is presenting the results of this research at various scientific conferences for more than 40 years.

Immune balance in the body depends on the balance of white blood cells Th1 / Th2 and Th17.

T hellper cell (Th cell) is a type of important white blood cells that are important for balance. Cytokines give blood to the killer. (Phagocyte, Cytotoxic T cell, NK cell) can deal with foreign matter. To enter the body effectively.

Th cell becomes Th2 when stimulated by fungal, bacterial, viral, and transgene viruses after interferon gamma and Tumor necrosi factor atpha. Can catch these foreign objects better.
The th cell becomes Th2 when stimulated by the helper allergens, after IL-5, IL-13, and IL-13. Bone marrow creates Eosinophil and B lymphocytes to generate antibodies. To deal with these foreign objects. If there is too much to cause allergies. And allergies to the body itself, such as knee inflammation, thyroid disease, etc.
Bim 100 balanced immune system Depends on the balance of Th1 and Th2.
B100 100 Th1 and Th2 can inhibit one another.
100 symptoms, allergies and allergies themselves caused by Th2 more than the balance, resolved by adding Th1
Th cell can become Th17 and secretes leukocyte 17 (IL-17) that stimulates white blood cells. Phagocytes can remove the remaining foreign matter from the treatment by Th1 and Th2.

4. Treg stimulates the immune system too. Back to balance

Based on the immunological studies, it was found that each of the BIM products affected Th1, Th2 and Th17 adjustments to work well together. Explain

100 people infected with fungus, bacteria, viruses and cancer. Quality of life improved. Rebalancing by adding Th1 and Th17.
100 people with allergies. And allergies themselves such as knee inflammation. Esophagus: Skin rash, stomatitis, chronic gastritis, acid reflux, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, thyroid disorders, lymphadenopathy, and autoimmune disorders such as leptospirosis, leukemia, psoriasis, fatty liver disease. Asthma, asthma, uterine insomnia, and improved quality of life are due to a reduction in Th2 directly or by Th2 by increasing Th1 or by decreasing Th17. ?
Based on the results of the Apco research conducted by Operation BIM, it was found that each product had different effects on Th1, Th2, Th17 and Treg. It can be explained that consumers with unbalanced immune health problems. The quality of life has been improved by the use of APCO research products, as these products are able to balance the consumer.

The test subjects were 25-30 years old, 4 males and 3 females. Take 1 capsule 3 times daily before meals for 15 days. Measure Interleukin-1 In white blood cells after stimulation. The level dropped sharply in the first 3 days and decreased in the 4-8 days. While at level Interleukin-2 Rapid increase in the first 3 days and less during 4-8 days. The immune system is balanced by APCO Research. The BIM is a key reason consumers can take care of their health problems. Immune system is not fully balanced. And those who do not have health problems. It looks brighter and more immaculate.

Mangosteen juice extract APCO Essence (Research bim)
The standard of the national content in addition to the skin is also healthy as follows.

GM-1 which

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