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The Heal Story
$1 and a Dream. The Heal journey has been an EPIC adventure.
On June 14th 2014 Heal, LLC became a Legal Entity founded by the Munson Brothers who set forth to help Impact, Inspire and Transform lives across the world.
This is the Journey of Heal...
2018 $1 & A DREAM
The Battle Begins
2014 is the year the enemy wanted to bury this dream before it grew roots.  This will always be an inspiring reminder to dream big and be ready for a battle. The bigger the dream the bigger the battle will be.  The first season is a test to see how determined you are for greatness.  This is where most people give up on their dreams.
May 12, 2014
Planting a Seed in Hawaii
May 22, 2014
Proclaiming the Road Ahead
June 20, 2014
Best Friend Gets Cancer & Dies
November, 2014
I Got Really Sick
December, 2014
Candida, Parasites, Pain, Depression
May 12, 2014
Severe Intolerance to Fruits & Spices
The First Heal Video
July 2014: The month after my best friend Jared died from cancer and one of the first videos we created for Heal.
The beginning of the year I was sick, broke and homeless.  This season was humbling, grounding and empowering.  Once you face defeat and defy the odds you become more powerful than ever.  Gratitude becomes the foundational attitude and each day was an opportunity to create, give and rise.  The year was full of making videos and the end of the year I attempted to launch Heal in Cocoa Beach Florida on Nov 27, 2015. I failed miserably, packed my bags and headed to the mountains to heal.
January, 2015
Ran Out of Money & Moved to the Beach
February, 2015
Homeless & Believing in my Dreams
April, 2015
4 Months Without Social Media or Home
November, 2015
First Big Attempt to Launch Heal
December, 2015
The Heal House Cocoa Beach
December, 2015
Staying Positive, Focused & Hopeful
Homeless & Hopeful
Watch the 2015 Video Mini-Series Below
Mountains heal
This was a season of total humility that was born out of brutal failure.  I had put every dollar and all my energy into Heal and I had "failed'.  At this point I was out of money and the only option seemed to be starting over.  I headed to the Rocky Mountains with Lala, my best friend and mom.  During the next 12 months I worked 2 full-time jobs and did tremendous Self-Healing work to find my life's purpose and the will to never give up on dreams was born.
Feb 4, 2016
Moving to the Mountains
February, 2016
Getting a Job at Vail Resorts
March, 2016
We Are Free!
March, 2016
Easter Sunrise Service
December, 2016
My Brother Laine Gets Injured
Christmas, 2016
New Family. Deeper Roots
Transformation Continues
Two months after moving to the Rocky Mountains my Grandma Shirley Barley died unexpectedly.  I stayed in the Mountains to mourn, heal, and endure the hardships without family.  This was an experience that truly shaped my future.
The year began with the basics of working, snowboarding and making videos.  I was on the mountain everyday with a GoPro shooting videos, learning how to edit videos, working my jobs, and enjoying the community.  At this time I was living with Lala and Laine.  This is the year of the Camera Man, the beginning of the Heal non-profit, the birth of the book idea "It's Worth it" and the flight around the globe as the "World Traveler".
Jan 1, 2017
Heal Launch 2.0
Feb 2, 2017
Heal Launch 2.0
March, 2017
Building the Vision
April 21, 2017
Road Trip with Laine
August, 2017
Gifted a Camera
September, 2017
Cocoa Beach Trip
September, 2017
Restore. Rebuild. Revive
September, 2017
Community Victory
Nov 3, 2017
Birth of the World Traveler
Dec 3, 2017
Stop 1: Portugal
December, 2017
The World Traveler
Dec 31, 2017
Stop 2: Greece
Big Decisions of 2017
Everything in Life Happens for a Reason.  I've always followed the guide inside.
$1 and a dream
Waking up in Jerusalem feeling all types of emotions from remember my Grandma's lifelong wish for me to come here to seeing the news that said Americans "Do Not Travel" to Israel.  Going to the dead sea, into Bethlehem, to Budapest and taking the flight to Bangkok and landing with $1.71.  7 Days later I discovered APCO, 7 days later I have a healing transformation and the rest of the year was 16 hour work days and traveling to 13 countries in between.  We did $500,000 in sales and created a strong foundation for the future.
Jan 1, 2018
Stop 3: Israel, Jerusalem, Bethlehem
Jan 12, 2018
Stop 4: Budapest "Out of Money"
Jan 21, 2018
$1 and a Dream
Jan 21, 2018
Streets of Bangkok
February, 2018
National Cancer Day APCO
April, 2018
Bali Transformation
April 21, 2018
Making a Solid Deal with APCO
May 15, 2018
Thailand Stock Exchange
Sept 6, 2018
Connecting with Jubril
November, 2018
Cocoa Beach Full Circle
November, 2018
Cocoa Beach Full Circle
Dec 30, 2018
Reunited with Simple2Advertise
Big Days 2018
Everything in Life Happens for a Reason.  I've always followed the guide inside.
The Beginning
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2020 & Beyond...
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