EMF Protection Kit
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EMF Radiation May Cause Cancer?
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Protect Yourself & Your Family Against Harmful EMF Radiation Today!
EMF Protection Kit
It's Crazy How Easy It Can Be!
Don't Think You're Safe – Be Sure. ACT NOW!
Today's research indicates there may be significant damage from EMF radiation including brain cancer from using cell phones. The danger is greatest for young people. They use cell phones to talk and send text messages all the time and the more you use your cell phone the more you are at risk.
Researchers believe that the microwave radiation from cell phones interacts with the water in your brain to create electrical vortexes, and research shows that EEG signals are significantly changed when you use a cell phone, even if you just carry it.
Did you know you are constantly being bombarded by EMF radiation?
Many people think shielded bags, patches, and holsters for phones are protecting them. Those products really do not protect you when you are talking on the phone and that is when it is most important. They only change the amount of radiation reaching you when the cell phone is in the bag or holster. As soon as you actually use the phone they stop working so there's no point in using them.
Studies have also shown that cell phones can heat your brain just like a microwave oven heats food.
let that sink in for a Minute...
In addition, think about how many hours you spend sitting in front of computer screens or watching TV. They are a source of EMF radiation too. Why take a chance with you and your family's health.
Your computer & television screens are also a source of EMF radiation.
How many hours do you sit in front of them?
Electromagnetic radiation comes from:
And all this radiation can be harming you & your family in subtle ways you can't even feel...
how easy it can be to keep yourself & your family SAFE from emf radiation?
All it Takes Is One Tiny Little Sticker. Really!
EMF Protection Kit
It's Crazy How Easy It Can Be!
Don't Think You're Safe – Be Sure. ACT NOW!
3 Cell Protect Discs
Shown at actual size: W: 1.188" – H: 1.188"
The Cellular Protect Disc is one of the best selling products for protecting you from the harmful effects of EMF Radiation on the body from your cellphones.
Apply to: Cell Phone, Laptop, Tablet and other electronic devices.
4 EMF Protect Strips
Shown at actual size: W: 1.188" – H: 0.4"
The same great protection as the Cell Protect Disc but the strips can be easily fitted to:
Fit Bits, Apple Watches, Routers, Laptops, Computer Screens, Televisions, Bluetooth Speakers and Devices, Microwaves, and more.
The Cell Protect Disc is designed to protect you from potentially harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF) that you are surrounded and bombarded by 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Cell Protect Disc is the perfect product for anyone that wants to avoid playing Russian Roulette every time they use a cell phone or other electronic device.
The Cell Protect Disc is placed directly on the back of a cell phone or any other electronic device and MINIMIZES THE harmful effect of EMF radiation.
It's that Simple!
The Cell Protect Disc is designed to:
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Protect Yourself & Your family Against Harmful EMF Radiation Today...
Tenner L.
This product is the Future. People in the modern day don't realize how deeply embedded stress is. How our bodies don't cope with song that doesn't sing in society. Little discs create a venture that helps our bodies steer around what our bodies fight hourly.  Cell phone protectors work.. Every electronic device in the world should have one. After purchasing a EMF METER so overwhelming what our bodies cope with.
Jim S.
I am in business development with a company that markets an Epigenetic Mapping device. One of the parameters this device can detect is Frequency Interference which includes Mobile Telephones. I occasionally do reports on myself. In September of 2017 I had a report done that indicated I had a Priority situation with my Mobile Phone Exposure and that I needed to consider how I might reduce that load. Shortly there after I added a Cellular Protect Disk to my Mobile Phone. Recently in June 2019 I had another report done and was pleased to see that the Mobile Phone energy exposure had been significantly reduced to nearly ZERO. Nothing had changed except the addition of the Cellular Protect Disk. I am wondering now with the introduction of 5G if TWO Cellular Protect Disks would even be better.
Sierra M.
I’m going to assume this has to do with this sticker I bought, but I recently started working as a bank teller and noticed over time I’d get these really bad headaches at work and by the end of the work day I felt like I was in a fog and my brain couldn’t function right. I figured it was due to staring at the computer screen a lot, drinking too much coffee and not enough water, and maybe not enough sleep. Well, after I bought one for my phone I stopped getting those headaches and my brain fog has lifted immensely.
Melissa H.
Since having this awesome shield for my phone, no more headaches for me and I have way less fatigue! So thankful for Laire for sharing this! Life changing for me!!
Robin C.
Great protection.  Have one on my phone and two on my lap tops.  I did the hair analysis and it changed in a drastic way to a much less exposure.    This works in a big way. I recommend it to all my friends and customers.
Brenda P.
Super easy to stick on your devices and I love knowing that it’s protecting from harmful  EMF radiation! Thank you!!!
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Stop Playing Russian Roulette With Your Family's Health
Protect Yourself, Your Family & Your Home Against Harmful EMF Radiation Today!
5G is coming & coming fast!
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