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The Rekindling of a Family Legacy
Bob Estes
Founder & CEO Daddy Burt Hemp Co.
Bob was born and raised in Kentucky with deep ties not only to Kentucky but also farming and public service.  His great grandfather, Joe “Daddy Burt’ Burton, was one of the largest hemp farmers in the nation during the 1940s.
Daddy Burt Hemp Co. continues the legacy of Daddy Burt by producing the world’s best hemp grown in the sunshine of Kentucky.
Organic & All-Natural
Organic & All-Natural
Organic & All-Natural
Does CBD Work? – YES!

Yes. There is a long list of research studies on the benefits of CBD. As of January 2019, there are over 10,000 published studies or reviews related to CBD in the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s PubMed Central Database. More than half of these studies have been published in the last 5 years. While more clinical research is needed to prove CBD as an effective treatment for specific health conditions, there is significant evidence for these properties of CBD:

Helps reduce frequency or counteracts seizures
Helps decrease social anxiety and relieves stress from a long day
Joint Pains
Helps support movement and healthy joint functions
Aches & Pain
Helps reduce painful aches from over-exertion
Promotes brain health & helps with memory issues associated with aging
Healthy Mindset
Promotes stable mood and a healthy, normal mindset
We combine natural farming with scientific and engineering approaches.
All of our products are tested in third-party labs for strength, accuracy and purity.

We combine natural farming with scientific and engineering approaches. All of our products are tested in third-party labs for strength, accuracy and purity.

Quality & safety is crucial when you are making decisions for your overall health and wellness.
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The Daddy Burt Plant-To-Product™ System

That’s where our Plant-To-Product™ System comes in. We built a system to go above and beyond the current product, legal, and safety regulations to guarantee our CBD products are consistently high-quality. To back that up, we use independent third-party testing to verify our ingredients and separate ourselves from others in the industry. If people are going to receive the health and wellness benefits from CBD, they need to be able to trust the company they are buying from. Our Plant-To-Product™ System tracks your product from before the CBD-rich hemp seeds are planted to the moment your product is bottled and sealed. At Daddy Burt, when we put something on the label, we prove and guarantee that is what you will get.


We start with hemp seeds that have been genetically selected by world-renowned agricultural scientists. Then, we partner only with farmers that have been certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority™ to meet rigorous standards and grow the best hemp in the world. Our certified farmers plant the seeds in the fertile soil of rolling Kentucky hillsides. Our hemp is grown in the natural Kentucky sunshine, just like our Great-Grandfather Joe “Daddy Burt” Burton used to farm himself.


After the plant is harvested, we dry the hemp plants with a proprietary drying system. This system helps us seal the plant to preserve quality and avoid contamination. Once the product is sealed, extracting the CBD from the hemp plant begins. At this stage, we differentiate ourselves by using CO2 extraction and by not ‘over processing’ CBD. We learned that when companies try to extract every last ounce of CBD from the plant, they tend to pull in other chemicals from the hemp. These additional chemicals give a ‘cannabis’ smell and taste to their products. By focusing on the CBD purity and concentration, our Daddy Burt products are naturally superior in odor and taste.


Once the CBD extraction is complete, it undergoes additional proprietary steps. Only after we’ve tested and confirmed that our CBD is at the highest levels of purity and quality, we send it to our bottling facilities. At these facilities, every process meets or exceeds the United States’ FDA standards for food production. This is where we finish crafting our proprietary blends of oils, lotions, creams, and more. Then, the CBD products are packaged and ready to be delivered to your home.

Third Party Testing

Finally, Daddy Burt uses independent third-party laboratories to verify purity and accurate CBD levels. Our Plant-To-Product™ System guarantees that independent testing supports that all Daddy Burt products include what is on the label. All test results are published on our website and are available for review at any time. We are proud to make this information available to the public.

Over 20,000 Lives Impacted Today!
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Helping Children & Families Live Their Best Life!
In 2017 a 10-year-old boy named James Mason tried CBD Oil for the first time.  His mother Knicole had literally tried everything and was at her breaking point. James had been struggling with intense social anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide.  He was failing in school and loosing in life.

A 2-hour conversation, with a veteran enthusiast and advocate of CBD Oil, led to a near immediate and lasting breakthrough for then 10-year-old James Mason.
We've created a Special Edition dedicated to James Mason that will not only give James Mason a lifetime supply of CBD Oil but also help raise money and awareness for the James Mason Fund.  

This fund will be geared at helping other parents and children live their best life with CBD Oil.  Every purchase of the James Mason CBD Oil gives a portion of the proceeds to the James Mason Fund.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
At Daddy Burt, we are proud to have developed the only Plant-To-Product™ System in the industry that guarantees the consistent quality of your products. We are so confident, we have a 30-day money back guarantee on everything that we sell. We constantly hear stories from friends and loved ones about their life-changing experiences with our high-quality CBD formulas. We are excited to provide those same products to you, so they can improve your quality of life.

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