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Stephen Munson
CEO/Founder – Heal Worldwide
meet the founder
I was just like you... I used to struggle everyday to make money online.
Hi! My name is Stephen Munson and I am a unique, hands-on, in the trenches entrepreneur.  I built a business from scratch with $1.71 and a huge dream.  I have done over 1,000 videos as I traveled to over 40 countries building the business that everyone desires.  My mission is to help Entrepreneurs all over the world reach their greatest potential and build their own powerful online brand.  I am a master in video marketing, public speaking and a social media influencer. I have helped tens of thousands of people from all over the world to create automation and passive residual income. And now... IT'S YOUR TURN!

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We Asked Our VIP's, "WHY" Heal?
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When you start as a family, you stick together as a family. Heal is my family and I'm not leaving... EVER!"
C. J.
Entrepreneur | Heal VIP
That amazing humanatarian trip to Florida was the first step of life changing for me.
J. B.
Entrepreneur | Heal VIP
There's nothing like this. It's the only business I've EVER been in with this kind of community."
C. F.
Entrepreneur | Heal VIP
Bret A. Matheny
Industry Ambassador
Co-Owner – CAPA Productions
I wanted to type out my thoughts with all of you, as I share from my heart. I wanted to express that I truly believe that your movement here at ‘Heal' has more purpose in this space than anything else I have witnessed. I have observed something truly special happening within these walls. How individuals can collectively gather as one organization under one purpose and shape a developing culture into a productive and HISTORICAL outcome.”
Troy Dooly, I would love to get your perspective and input here...
Stephen, a while back Bret asked me to come hangout and see the community y’all were creating here. It has been fun to just sit by, watch and listen to all that is presented here. This is truly a living, breathing example of serving unselfishly. You my friend are living the mission you shared with me a few years ago! Proud of your leadership and selfless hearth.
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Your LIFEstyle
Create your own schedule, work from anywhere in the world and get paid while you sleep.  Enjoy first class flights, upgrade suites and non stop travel benefits.
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