My Battle with Diabetes by Rosalyn “Tiger” Bourg

For 15 years I struggled to balance my blood sugars. All the picks and pokes trying to monitor and figure out how much insulin I such take was so exhausting to say the least and I had to do this several times a day. My health had spun out of control on so many levels.  For at least 10 years I’d tried countless all natural remedies and products with some,
but little success.

When I saw Stephen Munson walk into the storefront of APCO in Thailand I was intrigued and was paying close attention. When I saw they had a product called BIM D which was primarily formulated for ME, someone struggling to balance their blood sugars I couldn’t wait to hear if or when Stephen would be able to get these products to the USA. When the stars aligned I couldn’t wait to place my order.

I was excited and skeptical at the same time.

Fast forward.

After ONLY 2 weeks of taking BIMD, I started to feel a difference and was able to start reducing my insulin intake. After 4 weeks I was feeling so good that I accepted the 4 Week Mini-Challenge by adding the Gold Shape products to my BIMD.

That’s when I made a commitment on April 1st to myself to get out and move daily. In just 4 weeks I lost 30.5 inches and 16 pounds. 1 month later I had lost another 9 inches and 10 more pounds but the biggest victory was on May 24, 2018 when I took my last shot of insulin 🎉🎉🎉

Today is 286 days that I made that commitment to myself to get out and move daily and I have lost a total of 64 pounds, 76 inches and I’m still insulin free.
God’s not finished with me yet and My Journey to #HEAL My body still continues.

I never realized how important balancing my immune system would Help Balance my blood sugars.

Rosalyn Bourg

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