Key Benefits: 37 Reasons We Love These 5 Plants

We Love Plants!  Our Immune System Products contain 5 Plant-Based Ingredients.  We are going to breakdown many potential benefits of each plant.
The plants below play a major role in helping immunity. A balanced immune system is a key to Energy, Vitality, Creativity, and Longevity.

1. Bolsters Immunity
2. Help Fights Cancer Cells
3. May Aid Digestion
4. May Lowers Blood Sugar
5. May Improve Acne
6. Helps Boost Heart Health
7. Helps Combat Inflammation and Allergies

Black Sesame
1. Helps Lower Cholesterol
2. Protect Heart Health
3. May Improve Blood Pressure
4. Helps Balance Hormones
5. Helps Fight Cancer Cells
6. Helps Burn Fat
7. Boost Nutrient Absorption
8. Good Source of Vitamins and Minerals

White Guava
1. Helps Boost Immunity
2. Heart Health
3. Lower Blood Sugar Levels
4. May Help Digestive System
5. Improve Skin
6. Weigh Loss Friendly
7. Helps Fight Cancer Cells
8. Help Relieve Painful PMS

Isolated Soy Protein
1. Modulate Cellular Immune System
2. Regulate Neurotransmitters
3. Boost Brain Function
4. Lower circulating LDL levels
5. Modestly lower blood pressure
6. Improve arterial Health
7. Good source of Fatty Acid

Centella Asiatica
1. Enhance memory
2. Improve Circulation
3. Repair Skin
4. May Help Fight Cancer Cells
5. Help Prevent Gastric Ulcers
6. Reduce Inflammation
7. Ease S.A.D. Stress anxiety, depression

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