Debra Anderson‎

I admit it. I am a sceptic and I test things for myself. I was on th+ since mid March. I am a 2 yr. tnbc survivor. It was a hard battle starting with mastectomy 2/6/16. I originally was going to do reconstruction but I kelps getting infections. Out it came so I could start chemo. The first round was once a month. Very strong poison. I ended up sepsis from ecoli. 2 blood transfusions and platlets, stent put in for kidney stone, second stent put in due to infection, kidney removed. Finished chemo and round 2 of different kind. Then radiation. That made me extremely tired. I then had surgery in November and went flat. I am left with ringing in my head, cognitive issues and tiredness.

I felt a little better after th+ but then I ran out. I reordered tiredness consumed me. I started back on th+ and instantly felt more energy! I even mowed my lawn Mother’s Day. I thought oh boy am I going to pay for that. But woke up next morning and no soreness! Energy! I even woke up early and walked 4 blocks and still don’t feel wiped out. I am a Believer!

Who’s ready to Heal?! Every second, every hour, every day!