David Williams

I am so excited that I finally decided to educate myself and started to use natural plant base products to changed my life forever.

“Where do I start. I have been taking the Th Plus for a little over month or so now I am not a Doctor but I know my body. I feel more focused and alive. The inflammation that I have had for years has decreased. I usually get bad sinuses this time a year but to my amazement I have been clear and able to breathe freely. The biggest thing that I didn’t see coming is when I went to do my annual health and wellness check up with my Doctor! He asked me what are you doing differently? Of corse I said what do you mean? He says to me well your Cholesterol levels are the best they have been in many many years what have you changed. I started to tell him about and show him the TH Plus and the other products that #Heal has available. His response to me don’t change anything your doing and keep doing them He took me off both of my Cholesterol medicine and asked me to come back in three months for blood work and a follow up. I am so excited about the future and excited to share my testimony to let other people know that these products could possibly change your life forever.

9 pounds in three weeks a total of 35.5 pounds in 1 month and 3 weeks. I am not a doctor but I know my body and my doctor definitely approve.