7 ‘Must Do’ Environmental Factors to Boost Your Immune System Daily

7 Must Do Environmental Factors to Boost Your Immune System Daily
1. Seek Emotional Mastery (Advanced Training Available)
2. Enjoy Vitamin G daily!  Grounding AKA Earthing is being directly connected to the earth to gain all the powerful healing properties in just 25 minutes. 
3. Practice Breathing Exercises (Example Wim Hof Method, Advanced Training Available)
4. Create a ‘Fox Hole’ a place in your mind that is beyond all outside factors.
5. Eat Fresh and Seasonal Foods
6. Drink clean alkaline water.  
7. Take a Plant-Based Balanced Immunity Supplement

The Environment is what is the one around us and the one inside us.   When I think about Environmental Immunity I think about Wim Hof.  He is worth studying and spending time understanding his approach to controlling his inner environment. 

“Environment” here encompasses all the things we eat, drink and breathe — from food to industrial chemicals and the drugs we put into our bodies. Scientists refer to this entire landscape as the exposome — all of the exposures that come from outside a person’s body. And combing the exposome for disease triggers is a huge job.

“When germs enter the body, a powerful defense system may turn on. Known as the immune system, it calls in cells that serve as combat troops, snipers and medics.  Some of these cells take on invaders. Others clean out sick and dead cells. Still more trigger healing. Genes hold instructions for making many of those immune troops and their weapons. But a study now finds that the environment may play a bigger role than genes do in revving up the immune system and shutting it down when the battle is over.”

The immune system protects us from infection by attacking disease-causing organisms and substances that enter the body. But in people with immune-mediated diseases, the cells of the immune system go rogue and start to attack healthy tissues. “We don’t really know why the immune system goes wrong in most cases of a disease,” says Michael Pollard, an immunologist at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California.

Some of the earliest evidence of environmental risk factors for immune-mediated disease comes from the “dusty trades” — mining, quarrying, tunneling and stonemasonry. 

There is new science and information that make it very exciting today.  No matter where you are in the factory, in jail, stuck at home, in the office, on a commute to work, at home with the kids or even traveling the world you have full access to create a powerful environment within and around you.  Below are key elements to be considered and practiced along your healing journey. 

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