When I was 8 years old I had horrible headaches and ear infections. This put me in and out of the hospital with no rhyme or reason why.  Eventually, I grew up and the headaches went away and life went on. This has always made me curious why some people get sick and some people don’t.

Fast forward 34 years and my life got turned upside down.  In 2005, my mom was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, life would never be the same. I was on a discovery mission to learn why she was sick and how I could save her.   All my research led me to the immune system.  A comprised immune system is often the root of all sickness and disease.  

My mom was a smoker and when she got sick she relied on traditional medical treatment.  In other words, she decided to get chemo, radiation, and surgery to cut cancer.  The outcome was a horrifying and long story short, I lost my mother on April 17th, 2007 and this has left a hole in my heart ever since.  

Her death spawned a yearning inside of me so strong. A desire to learn how to build up our immune system because I just knew that was the key. I began feeding my wife and children these superfood concoctions by mixing one superfood drink with another all the while taking a whole handful of nutritional supplements to boot. This went on for years. 

Earlier this year, 2018, my good friend and mentor, Stephen Munson was traveling the world. As fate would have it, he ended up in Bangkok, Thailand. There he met Dr. Pichaet with Asian PhytoCeuticals and learned about a powerful immunotherapy supplement that had Southeast Asia all a buzz.

This is exactly what I had been searching for the past 11 years.   A plant-based immune system support product that could potentially help my family live a healthy and balanced life.  We ordered the products immediately and within days noticed the effect on our bodies.  

It all truly began with $1 and a Dream, we began importing these plant-based supplements from Thailand. It was time the western world knew the truth! The truth about the Immune System.

Dr. Pichaet has spent the last 40 years working with 5 organic plant-based ingredients to formulate these amazing products.  He has all the Scientific Proof of the efficaciousness of each Immunotherapy supplement at APCO.

 In October of this year, 2018, total validation occurred when two Western medicine doctors were awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine. Dr. James P. Allison and Dr. Tasuku Honjo. The award was for their discovery of cancer therapy by inhibition of negative immune regulation. IMMUNOTHERAPY! 

The best part is that you are reading this and I have a really cool video you can WATCH right now that might help you and your family get on track with your health and well-being.