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In 2014 I was in was sick, broke, stressed, depressed, hopeless and homeless. My best friend has just died from Cancer, I got evicted from my home, I struggled sleeping and body was in horrible inflamed pain. It was a long grueling battle and my confidence, courage, and faith seemed to be challenged every day. At this point, I was all the sudden highly allergic to regular foods like Bananas, Strawberries, Black Pepper, Garlic and Vanilla. If I ate any of those or sugar or gluten I would erupt in swollen red spots. My gut was wrecked and it was a maze to fix. I understand health battles and I'd love to help you have great health and life-long happiness.

3 years of living in fear and it took traveling around the world to a divine meeting when I discovered a man named Dr. Pichaet who has spent 40 years studying Plant-Based Health and Beauty specifically focuses on Immune System Support. I had the fortune of meeting 100's of people who used his products and heard their stories and was amazed. It only took me 8 days to experience my own health transformation and ever since I have been on a mission to share this with everyone in the world. This changed my life forever and it can help you too.

Stephen Munson, Founder of Heal


Every Day and In Every Way You Are Getting Better and Better

The Immune System is Powerful and Critical. This is your bodies main defense system and the goal is to protect the body against common colds, flu, viruses, bacteria, and infections. Please review this chart to select the best product for your body.

68% of our customers use the Green ThPlus
24% of our customers use the Pink BIM A
7% of our Customers use the Blue BIM D
1% of our Customers use the Pink BIM E
Only Take 1 Product Immunity Product at a Time
Average Serving Size is 2 Capsules in AM, 2 Capsules in PM.

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Messages from our satisfied customers.
  • Lauren Barley

    I am 62 years old and proud to have the best Health of my life. My son Stephen is a very relentless teacher when it comes to helping people become their greatest. Thankful to this community and all of my dreams coming true through Heal.

    - Proud Mother of Stephen Munson

  • Knicole Burchett

    This has become my favorite community alongside a revolutionary plant-based immune system product. I love, love, love the #HealForward movement and how we are all helping people around the world.

    - Traveling Entrepreneur

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I’ve got the #HappinessCode and I’ll be sharing it with the world. More happiness for all the world. We all want the basic things and there is millions paths and a billion outcomes but there is only one code.

Do you have it? The Dream "Worth Chasing" Don't Give Up, You Will Win. You Can. You Will. End of Story. #liveinspired #joinheal

Launching Heal Worldwide Non-Profit today for my Birthday. This will be the coolest mission ever! #JoinHeal